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3 Types of Eviction Notices with Cause in California

As you well know as a property holder, evicting a tenant in the state of California is not a simple process. However, you can meet all of your legal obligations and get that unruly tenant out of your place. Here are three types of eviction notices that you should know when it comes to evicting a tenant with cause in California.  


Providing Notice When You Have Cause for Termination

The type of notice that you would give a tenant depends on the reasons that you are terminating the contract. Here are three:

(1) If the person simply hasn’t paid, you can submit a 3-day notice that rent must be paid. After the three days are up, you can then file suit to evict the tenant.

(2) Violating the lease agreement also allows you to provide notice of termination. A 3-day notice to cure gives the tenant time to correct the lease violation. If this does not occur, you can begin the eviction lawsuit.

(3) If the tenant has performed certain serious violations that cannot be corrected, you may provide a 3-day unconditional quit notice. At this point, the tenant has three days to vacate the premises or the eviction litigation can begin. A few situations that call for this type of notice include:

  • Subletting the unit (if not allowed in the lease agreement)
  • Creating a nuisance on the premises
  • Causing substantial property damage in the unit
  • Conducting illegal activity from the unit

These three notices are the ones to remember when you have cause for evicting a tenant.


Real Estate Contract Dispute Assistance in California

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