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3 Types of Contract Disputes

Disputes often arise when a contract is not properly drafted and reviewed. However, even the most careful of contracts can come under scrutiny when a problem arises. Let’s take a look at three types of contract disputes that frequently occur.

  1. Business Contracts for Services – Businesses of all sizes frequently enter into contracts for services with employees, vendors, and contractors.  Both parties should have counsel review the contracts to ensure that their respective positions are protected. Problems can occur when a smaller business feels pressured to agree to terms imposed by a larger business, because they’re afraid to lose the work. A small investment in paying an attorney in advance, can result in significant savings later.
  2. Leases – Landlords and renters alike need to be careful about how lease agreements are worded. Tenants need to know that landlords often include unenforceable terms in their contract and that they should consider having an attorney review it in advance, especially for high-priced rentals. A common dispute is called unlawful detainer. This is an eviction case wherein the owner can seek repayment of up to 12 months of unpaid rent. Some landlords have found this process to be the only way to reclaim their property from a holdover renter.
  3. Severance Agreements – When an employee is terminated, severance is often supplied to exchange a payout for releasing any future claims against the company. While non-compete agreements are difficult to enforce due to California state law, confidentiality agreements are still very applicable when a person leaves his or her former place of employment.

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