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Advanced Health Care Directives are for All Ages

Estate planning is not for the dead or dying – it's for the living. Its purpose is for an individual to express his or her wishes so that they can be carried out when that individual is unable to do so. Too many people fail to place value in preparation. Too many people must think they are invincible and that accidents "don't happen to people like them." These are such obvious fallacies, yet they are rampant in our society. If they weren't – everyone would have an estate plan. This article is for the 20-somethings and 30-somethings and 40 plus-somethings who believe that they're "too young" to plan. It's for the invincibles.

Whether Your Felony Conviction Can Hurt You in a Civil Suit

A common fear among litigants as that their dirty laundry will be aired if they dare to bring a lawsuit – even when they've been wronged. This article explains the court's approach to determining whether a criminal conviction should be admitted in a civil lawsuit.

How to Appeal a Denial of Unemployment Insurance Benefits

When you lose – or are forced to quit – your job in California, unemployment insurance benefits are typically available to you. Employers, however, often wrongfully deny employees these benefits. Sometimes intentionally and sometimes the employers simply do not understand the law.

Deciding Whether to Sign a Severance Agreement

Clients often need to decide whether signing a severance agreement is "worth it." T.Burd Law Group attorneys can review your severance agreement for a flat fee. The consultation involves reviewing the agreement and explaining to you its important provisions. Additionally, we discuss problems that existed at your employment and whether those problems are sufficient reasons not to sign the agreement. Sometimes, those problems may not be strong enough for a law suit, but can be used to negotiate a higher severance. We also offer tips on How to Negotiate an Employment Severance Agreement.

Equitable Recovery Against an Ex

It is true that California's Family Code does not govern non-marital relationships and distributions of property... but California's Civil Code does.

For reasons unknown, I have had a number of "Bad Relationship" cases. The first one involved a jilted groom angry with his ex-fiance who swiped more than her share of their joint bank account. Later, I defended a lady whose former long term boyfriend wanted to be reimbursed for building her a dog house, among other things. I couldn't make this up if I tried.

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