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Quick Guide to Your Estate Planning Needs

Everyone needs to play for what might happen in the future. It can often be overwhelming or seem unnecessary. This quick guide briefly breaks down what you need and why.

The First Steps After Being Sued

Once you have been formally served with a lawsuit, you must file a written response with the Court. Most commonly, you have a mere thirty calendar days to file your written response. See CCP § 420.12. You have less time in an eviction. The clock does not start ticking the moment the lawsuit -- or Summons and Complaint -- is placed in your hand unless it was personally served. If you received it in the mail or from the front secretary of your office, the clock starts ticking on the date service was complete.

If Only Our Pets Could Tell Us When to Let Go

Losing a family pet is hard. For some, it feels like you've lost your best friend. Thanks to mother nature, this is an experience that animal lovers experience multiples times over the course of a lifetime. It never gets any easier, but there is something to be learned from it.

The first hard part is when you start to see your pet experience physical ailments and wonder whether he is suffering. This is the part where you watch your sprite kitten lose its fur and your playful dog struggle to stand. As right-to-die legislation is approved in California , we are reminded that our beloved pets have always had this right – and it didn't make the decision any easier. How does anyone decide when to end the suffering of their dying friend? How does someone decide whether to pay for that expensive cancer treatment? How does one know whether their canine-child would prefer enduring pain or sleep-inducing medication? It's no small task to end the life of a loved one, even when you know they're suffering. If only we could ask…

Basics of a Contract

Contracts can be created under a variety of circumstances and under endless possibilities of terms. It is important to know when an agreement creates a contract so that you can best understand your rights and obligations. Whether it's verbal or written, for services or goods, the contract basics remain the same. The formation of any contract requires an offer, acceptance and consideration.

Understanding Hearsay

Crime dramas and movies about law often provides clients with a misunderstanding about the word hearsay. As a result, many clients make assumptions about their case, their actions, or the actions of others based on their perceived notion of the word "hearsay". Instead of discussing the situation with an attorney, they draw their own conclusions about the admissibility of certain evidence.

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