William Markham

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Attorney William Markham

William ("Bill") Markham, a Harvard Law Graduate, is a trial attorney who has litigated cases in California for the past twenty-nine years and currently runs a San Diego based law firm, Law Offices of William Markham , P.C. His trial matters are principally focused on the following areas: antitrust cases (civil and criminal), false advertising, trademark offenses, securities fraud, other kinds of business litigation, and certain kinds of real estate litigation.

Bill has a thorough understanding of federal and California antitrust law and has acted as the lead attorney in various major antitrust cases, often representing businesses that have been harmed by exclusionary practices used by dominant competitors. He also provides counseling on antitrust matters and covenenants not to compete. Bill has served as the United States antitrust adviser to the world’s largest manufacturer of LED products in various strategic matters for the company and has provided antitrust counseling to a global automobile manufacturer concerning its multinational acquisitions and divestitures. Additionally, he has provided strategic antitrust counseling and guidance to the world’s leading manufacturer of pulse oximetry equipment in various matters and advised its patent attorneys about antitrust matters during its recent, bet-the-company patent and antitrust litigation.

Bill enjoys trying cases and will readily proceed to trial if he cannot obtain a satisfactory settlement for his client. His reputation preceeds him; Bill's adversaries are often keen to settle to avoid trial against him. Bill has authored many legal articles and maintains and a popular blog on antitrust issues, trade matters, and the practice of law. He has also been interviewed and quoted by The New York Times, Bloomberg TV, CNN, ESPN, NBC-San Diego, Univision, and other media. The New York Times has characterized him as an “expert” in foreclosure law. Bill also served as an adjunct professor of legal advocacy and legal writing at Hastings Law School, an adjunct professor of constitutional law at Lincoln Law School, and he has been a featured lecturer on antitrust law and foreclosure law in classes taught to California attorneys (MCLE classes).


  • State Bar of California
  • District of Columbia Bar
  • Federal Courts of California


  • University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Harvard Law School - Juris Doctor

Active memberships

  • French-American Chamber of Commerce (San Diego County)
  • San Diego County Bar Association

ABA Formal Advisory Opinion 90-357 defined “of counsel” as a “close, regular, personal relationship.” The California Supreme Court also adopted the ABA definition of “close, regular, personal, and continuous.” In discussing this aspect of the “of counsel” relationship, the court noted “the essence of the relationship between a firm and an attorney ‘of counsel’ to the firm is the closeness of the ‘counsel’ they share on client matters.” People ex rel. Department of Corrections v. Speedee Oil Change Systems, Inc., 20 Cal.4th 1135, 980 P.2d 371, 86 Cal.Rptr.2d 816 (Cal. 1999).

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