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Lorraine Neher
July 24, 2017
As a first-time Trust Administrator, I have been very careful to do my duties according to California Probate Code. I came across a problem with some contracts that were in Breach that belonged to one of the Beneficiaries. It seemed that I was rapidly getting in over my head as to whether issues were for Probate or Civil Court. Tara deftly asked the right questions and helped me understand the issues and complexities on how to move forward. She kindly answered my questions and helped me make a game plan for next steps. It would be smart for any first-time Trustee to speak with Tara. She will put your mind at ease and help you to administer the Trust professionally. Thank you, Tara!
Kenny Johnson
May 24, 2016
Tara Burd was without a doubt a true blessing to me and my wife. Our situation seemed unbearable but her ability to not only educate us but help facilitate our issue legally was unmatched. She was available when we needed her and was extremely professional and detailed. I highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking for representation from a smart and savvy attorney. Thank you Tara for everything! I can only imagine the headache we would have endured without your help and expertise.
Valerie Salatino
April 26, 2014
My business partner and I sought the legal services of Tara Burd recently, to work to resolve a matter we had with a large firm in San Diego. Tara was completely astute and on point from our initial consultation until the final resolve - which wrapped up quickly because of her knowledge and ease with the practice of law.

We found ourselves up against a large organization that was giving us the run-around while delivering inaccuracies when stating their position. Tara arranged to hold a negotiation with both parties. Tara then took control of the negotiation and both parties agreed in a result that we are extremely pleased with.

Tara delivered a written statement to the opposing party that connected facts and pointed to nuances that they would not have liked to face in a court of law which compelled them to come closer to meeting our terms.

I am the CEO of my Company and appreciate Tara's work and would highly recommend her if you find yourself needing a great lawyer. It can be highly stressful when you find yourself in such a position. So if you need an excellent lawyer who returns calls and e-mails promptly; someone who digs in deeper to work hard on your behalf call Tara Burd she gets it done!
April 26, 2014
I found Tara through a friend of a referral and I am so glad I did! She was always very prompt in returning phone calls and putting me at ease with my case. Presented the case beautifully,always being professional and keeping her cards close. Plaintiff had to ask for a dismissal! I will be recommending her to anyone I know! Thanks Tara Burd! YOU ROCK!
Brian Prusinski
December 22, 2013
Ms. Burd accepted my case in which a debt was to be collected from my ex wife. The judgement had been issued by a Commissioner in family law, and needed to be enforced in another civil law suit involving my ex. A bit complex, and requiring good timing, follow up, accuracy, diplomacy, and clear understanding of the law, Tara executed her plan very well.

Ms Burd exceeded my expectations by winning the case without drama, and extraordinary cost.

I would trust her implicitly should I have another difficult case requiring legal representation.
Matthew Mebane
August 24, 2013
Tara came highly recommended and went above and beyond with her service. What should have been a routine lease agreement quickly became complicated because of a difficult landlord. Tara was extremely knowledgeable, patient, professional and keep me abreast of everything throughout the process. She even followed up twice afterward to make sure no new issues arose with our landlord. Complete peace of mind and fantastic service. Highly recommend.
Steven Silverstein
June 17, 2013
Tara Burd represented both my family and myself in a defamation lawsuit. Tara was fantastic with her responsiveness and her overall approach to the case. She was excellent in showing how the defamation lawsuit had no basis, and prepared motions and very detailed discovery requests to show why it had no basis. Tara was excellent in communicating not only with myself but also with the other party. I would highly recommend her for anyone dealing with a civil lawsuit. She is very smart and will go the extra mile for her clients. She provided excellent legal services at a reasonable cost.
Glenn Silverstein
June 4, 2013
Tara Burd From the very beginning from our first conversation was direct and to the point giving a strategic game plan and strategy. Tara Burd took care of the business at hand which needed to be addressed and pinpointed. She is very precise on what has to get done and Ms Burd does it.

The entire Silverstein Family thanks Tara Burd for a job well done!

Continued Success
Mehran Alaei
October 6, 2012
Ms. Burd provides outstanding legal services at a reasonable cost. My company has hired her to work on various legal projects including but not limited to general counsel and collections work. Ms. Burd has proven her ability to provide excellent legal services by producing great results in her collection efforts. I would highly recommend her for any legal work involving collections or other homeowner association matters.
Jackie Panebaker
March 20, 2012
I could not be any happier with the service I received from Tara! I own a small business and was in need of some help with my lease agreement. She was extremely professional and got back with me right away with any questions or concerns that I had.

I, too, appreciated the fair rate that she had given me since I am a small business and do not have a large budget set aside for legal issues.

I would totally recommend Tara to anyone in need of sound legal advice and help with their small business concerns. Thank you!
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